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Tulips packed in the micro-perforated PerfoTec LinerBag can be stored for 28 days with no water and have a guaranteed vase life of +7 days. The current packaging method underperforms compared to the PerfoTec LinerBag.

How we do it

Extend the freshness of your Tulips


To extend the life of tulips we use the PerfoTec Linerbag. This is the only compostable MAP liner tailer-made for fresh produce.


The linerbag keeps your produce fresh. Tulips have a guaranteed vase life of +7 days after storage of 28 days with no water in the PerfoTec LinerBag. You can use the PerfoTec Linerbag to storage and transport your tulips.


Our product is designed for importers, exporters, packers, and producers.


The benefits of using the PerfoTec LinerBag for Tulips means new market reach, saving of transport costs when using sea transport instead of using transport by air or bulking 1 or 2 weeks before special days like valentine or Mother’s Day.

Guarantees a vase life of +7 days after storage of 28 days with no water

What is your goal?

The struggle to keep your produce fresh is history with our solution

Extension of freshness reduces food waste and saves costs. It also brings new storage and transport possibilities. Interested? Contact us.


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