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PerfoTec is an innovative company within the fresh food industry. We fight against waste of vegetables, fruit and flowers with a technology that has been worked on for more than 15 years.

What we do


Since 2004 PerfoTec’s goal is to extend freshness of fruits, vegetables and flowers. All our innovative actions and development are designed for this purpose. Climate targets and the call to reduce plastic consumption gave PerfoTec the idea to develop new films that could extend the shelf life of fresh produces. PerfoTec understands better than anyone that permeability requirements are key in this process. Not every packaging foil is all the same. If modified atmosphere packaging  is used, the shape of a packaging influences the extension of fresh produce.  During the development of these new films PerfoTec tweaked the film characteristics not only on its properties to extend freshness and also on its machinability. Some new packaging films are also solutions that PerfoTec provides for transport and storage of bulk fresh produce.

The new developed recyclable or composable film is only a success if it’s combined with PerfoTec technology. The synergy of the film properties and micro perforations of the packaging reinforces each other. The atmosphere in the packaging needs to be adjusted to create the ideal atmosphere based on the specific respiration rate and ripening process of the fresh produces packed. By controlling the Modified Atmosphere Packaging PerfoTec controls the freshness of your greens, flowers, and fruit.


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The extension of freshness


Every grower, packer or convertor wants to maintain the freshness of their fruits, flowers and vegetables as long as possible to satisfy the consumer. The combination of PerfoTec’s films and innovative technology ensures an extension of freshness for days, weeks or even months for some products. PerfoTec’s post-harvest and highly skilled technical experts can cooperate with your quality team to create the best packaging solution for your specific fresh produce. Together we reach the optimal target level to control the freshness during transport from grower to consumer. Cost reduction, carbon footprint reduction and new market openings are welcome a few of the benefits.

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Who is PerfoTec?

We’re here to combat the waste of fresh vegetables, fruit, and flowers by applying MAP technology. The reduction of food waste directly impacts climate and nature in a positive way.

Since 2004 our goal is to extend the freshness of fresh produce. All PerfoTec’s innovative actions and developments are designed for this effect.


In house lab

Our post-harvest experts can improve your packaging solution with the PerfoTec solution and fine-tune the gas levels in the packs.

Innovative & Quality

Our team of technical experts continues to develop and improve the PerfoTec equipment to perform more user-friendly with a higher accuracy.


The combination of the patented PerfoTec equipment and patented recyclable or compostable film solution combined with post-harvest knowledge is unique in the world.

Achievements & Trophies

Benefiting from nearly 25 years experience.

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How we extend the freshness?



PerfoTec R+ Film 701



PerfoTec C+ Film 500



PerfoTec Linerbag

Besides supplying the films, we also build our own system. Do you want to learn more about MAP technology and our systems? Click on this link to visit the PerfoTec website.